This Sunday at The Family Church I am talking about our covenant relationship with Christ and His love towards us.
If you live a life faithful to your spouse because you are afraid of divorce that is like trying to live a life of purity, righteousness and holiness because you are afraid of the consequences, because of religion and law.  You have already failed.
I am not faithful to my wife because of consequences, I am faithful because I love her.
It is the same way our relationship with Christ is supposed to be.  I do not live a holy life because I have to, I live it because it allows me to be closer to Christ, whom I love.

It moved from law to privilege.
It moved from a have to, to a get to.
We don’t live holy lives because we have to; we live holy lives because we are in love with Jesus.  We have an opportunity to experience His goodness in our lives. We get to enter into a covenant relationship with Him and it is powerful and good.
Many of us have never truly experienced that covenant relationship with Christ because we do not understand His love.
Well this Sunday, get ready to get LOVED on, and experience the goodness of Christ!
Hope to see you there!
Matthew Oliver