God is moving. We have felt it, we are experiencing it, and we can see it taking place all around us. I have received questions from people asking, “Is this a move of God? Is this revival?” I love these questions, because you can see that the hunger for more of God is real. That hunger is rising and it is stirring in us! This past Tuesday night at the Advance Leadership training, we (our leadership) began to share some of what God has been speaking to us about our future and where we are going as a church. It is powerful and it is big! We will be sharing some of that over the next couple of Sunday mornings, but in all that God is doing, He is speaking to me about REVIVAL. What is Revival really? How does it really look in our life, in our home, in our city? This Sunday I am starting a four part series on Revival and I strongly encourage you to be here for it. It will encourage you, challenge you, draw you closer to God, and it may just ignite something in you!
Loving you all,
Pastor Matthew and Siobhan Oliver