Speaker : Matthew Oliver
Title: Belief, Like A Child
A Note from Pastor Matthew :
Last Sunday I shared a message that was close to my heart and gave a glimpse into who I am. It was a very transparent message, and to me, very powerful, not just for my own life, but powerful for any of us who are willing to take hold of it. I shared from John 6:1 about Jesus feeding the 5000. For me the big miracle was not the multiplying of the loaves and fishes. For me the big miracle was the young boy. I am never surprised when Jesus does something amazing, He is Jesus, that is my expectation, but this young boy? The young lad had the audacity to believe that what he had could make a difference, with or without Jesus. That is outrageous belief. Out of the 5,000 plus people, he was the only one who actually came prepared to impact the world, believing that he was equipped to make a difference. To me, the miracle was that young boy. Look what Christ can do with that kind of belief. The challenge for you and I is to wake up each morning believing that we have been equipped to make a difference, and then teaming with Christ, who miraculously takes what we have and makes it a blessing to the world around us! That is me. I wake each day believing that God has equipped me to transform the world around me, and I cannot do it alone, I need you! That is what Family is, us teaming and journeying together! It is exciting and powerful and who knows, it may just transform the world.
Loving you all
Pastor Matthew and Siobhan Oliver