This Sunday is a chance to get to know our Family better. As a Family we believe that three core characteristics define us; Christ, Kingdom, and Community. We are all called to look like Christ, move and live in greatness, and to see the world experience His love and His power through His people. He has called and mandated each one of us to establish His Kingdom here on this earth. It’s not about waiting for His return, it’s about living His kingdom, now. “How are we doing that at Family?” you might ask. We are doing it all through community. God did not call us to walk this road alone, but He teams us with amazing friends and this awesome Family, so that we can succeed in seeing His Kingdom here on earth! So, this Sunday take time to find out more about who we are. Check out our ministries and experience so much more than just a Church!
Love you all,
Pastors Matthew and Siobhan Oliver