We are moving into fall. A season of warm fires and the famous pumpkin spiced lattes. A season that kicks off the holidays with special family time, friends coming together and trips to Apple Hill and Pumpkin Patches. Gathering together the ingredients to bake a pie or the items for an amazing holiday meal. All of this takes time. In the same way, we have to plan and prepare for what we long for God to do in our lives, in our families and in our homes.
We have to take the time to pray and connect with God, to invite Him into our schedules. We can get so busy with “stuff” that we end up cutting God out of the picture, when God is supposed to be thepicture. As you are gearing up for this fall season, make time for God, include Him in your plans, set aside time to connect with Him, meet with Him and have an awesome season!
Loving you all,
Pastor Matthew & Siobhan Oliver