The power of what God is doing in and through Family right now is so much greater than what we see. Yes He is stirring visions and dreams, He is restoring passions and He is raising expectations. Yes we are seeing God move mightily in lives with favor, provision, and powerful blessings. But more than that, what God is doing is not just for us, it is to make the world “awesome.” We are the establishers of His kingdom on this earth. All throughout the Bible the testimony of Gods goodness on Gods people brings a transformation to the land around it. Right now, what God is doing in Family is a testimony to the world around us, we get to make the world awesome! The question is, what is your testimony? What is your dream? Are you making the world awesome? Together let’s live our dreams passionately and see the world experience an AWESOME God!
Love you all,
Pastors Matthew and Siobhan Oliver