Last week felt like a Holy Ghost Explosion! We experienced salvations, supernatural healings, we had baptisms, and God literally took over last Saturday nights service in a mighty way. It was exciting, real, fresh, moving and it reminded me, this is what a Christian life should look like. We do not live dull, boring, expectant lives. We live life abundantly, life over flowing, life living! We get to live a life journeying with Christ; alive, edgy, exciting and real. This life we live with Christ is supposed to be powerful and grand, it is supposed to be GREAT! Last week we were reminded, we don’t just go to a church full of life, we ARE the church full of life. I wasn’t waiting to see what would happen this week at church, I was excited to see what would happen Monday in my life! This weekend I want to encourage you, don’t just experience life, be the life! Don’t wait for joy, spread the joy. Don’t just expect greatness, be great and see those around you experience the goodness of the good God that is in you!
Loving you, Pastors Matthew and Siobhan Oliver