We are moving into a fresh season of life. Seasons are good, they are in fact, biblical. There is a season for everything and being able to recognize the season you are in is so vital. Every year I grow vegetables in our garden. We have some amazing tomatoes, but I cannot pick the tomatoes in the planting season. If I pick them while they are maturing, I get an incomplete fruit. However, in the season of ripeness, a season of “life”, if I don’t pick them, they can die on the plant. As we are in this season of experiencing new life, fresh life, it is vital that we live it! We need to allow God to stretch us in every new way, to experience His goodness in every extent of who we are and to express that to the world around us. That “life” Is not just for us to bottle up, that “life” is for the world to know that we have a great God! I am loving this season of LIFE and I invite you to live it with our Family
Loving you, Pastors Matthew and Siobhan Oliver