In the last few weeks God has been giving us powerful and anointed downloads from heaven. People are receiving dreams, visions, strategies and ideas to step into the communities around them and establish Gods Kingdom. It is exciting to a part of this great movement. The first step was the download, the second step is seeing that dream or vision realized. How do we put action to that idea and how do we sustain it? There are always many practical needs to see any vision come true, but there are also many supernatural pieces that need to be in place to truly be successful and sustain that vision. This week, allow God to strengthen you, encourage you and supernaturally fill you with His joy. It is in Him that we find our strength and He is our source. Our lives are a powerful testimony to the world around us and the dream He has given us establishes His kingdom here and now. Allow your testimony to be one that displays the goodness and greatness of our God!
Excited for your dream,
Pastors Matthew and Siobhan Oliver