Christmas is so much more than just a holiday filled with Christmas trees, lights and brown paper packages wrapped up in string. It is more than festive songs, egg nog, and mistletoe. Christmas is about even more than a baby in a manger, wise men and a shepherd boy. Christmas is really about you and me. It is about your boss, your neighbor and your co-worker. Its about your cousins, your grandparents and your crazy aunt Betty. Its about eternity. Its about the outrageous love that Christ has for each and every one of us. A love that said, “I want to spend eternity with you!” A love that said there is nothing that is going to stand in the way, nothing that is going to stop my heart, my passion for you. Christmas is a love story, Gods love for us. A love that He desired to show us was richer, deeper, wider and grander than anything we will ever see or experience on this earth. A love worth coming for. A love worth dying for. This Christmas, Experience the true love of Christ.
Loving you,
Pastors Matthew and Siobhan Oliver