2014 has arrived, and with it all sorts of grandiose decisions and statements. Its not wrong to make a new resolution, its not bad to make decisions to change, to work harder towards a goal, to start fresh. In fact, God is into fresh starts. The problem comes when we try to achieve something supernatural with natural means. That goal, that new walk or way of life that you are trying to achieve gets birthed through redeemed eyes, eyes that long to achieve something that you cannot do on your own. You can truly only lay hold of it in Christ, through Christ, partnered with Him. We have to rid ourselves of this silly notion that we are going to try to do it on our own. On our own is what so often gets us into messes in the first place. In this New Year, our greatest resolution needs to be getting more of Christ. Teamed with Him, we can do anything. Looking forward to what 2014 holds.
Pastors Matthew and Siobhan Oliver