God is doing something great, it is mighty, it is powerful, it is new. The new that God is doing right now can sometimes feel old if we let it. The Bible says that His mercies are New every morning, yet those mercies can start to feel old when we stop being amazed by them. Every breath we take is a new breath, yet for some breathing can get old, and when we stop breathing, we stop living. That is why the New is so powerful. New is happening right now, there is new life, new hope, new joy, new salvations, new healings! Our job is to experience the new, to see the new, to celebrate the new. The real question is this, what is the new that God is doing in you? Once you find that out, take time to celebrate it, take time to share it with the world around you, because that new God is doing in you, He wants to do it in them to!
Loving the New You,
Pastors Matthew and Siobhan Olive