In the past few weeks we have experience New Salvations, New Healings, New restorations, it’s a good way to start off a New Year! And God is not done, this is just the beginning. When we receive Christ the journey does not end, it is starting. There is an excitement when we have a fresh vision or renewed dream, but a dream without action is merely a fantasy. We have to start walking that dream out, and that requires Risk. Risking in Christ is a powerful thing, because we have an assurance of a mighty God, that when we are weak He is strong, when we are weary He is joy, when we are lonely He is love. As you are taking time to step into the New in your own life make sure you press into Christ. He is not must our resource, He is our source. He doesn’t just want to give us a dream, He wants to achieve it with us! What is the New you are walking in?
Loving all that God is doing in and through you,
Pastors Matthew and Siobhan Oliver