It is happening right now.  It is taking place all around us.  It is real, it is tangible, it is vibrant and it is powerful.  It is LIFE!  Life is taking place all throughout Family, in this city and through our region.  Life that is abundant, life that is impactful, life that is full of vision and life that is establishing His Kingdom!
This is life that is taking place through you. Every day as you pursue your dreams, your visions you are creating that life, that stirring, you are drawing His presence, you are creating atmospheres of the supernatural. That life that you are seeing and experiencing, you are a part of that life. Those healings, breakthroughs, reconciliations, those are a by-product of you living in Christ, loudly and abundantly.  And the exciting part is that this is just the beginning.  We are simply scratching the surface of what it means to live in Christ and see the world around us experience Him, through us.
Now the challenge is, don’t stop. No matter what, press in further, run faster, push harder, and see the life around us continue to flourish.
Not just living, but experiencing life,
Pastors Matthew and Siobhan Oliver