This week is Palm Sunday, a day we celebrate the Triumphal Entry of Christ. The people at that time looked at Christ as the physical king, one who would usurp the throne and rule the land. They saw Him as the physical answer to their problems. Yet Christ wanted to do more than just meet a temporary issue, He wanted to do more than give them momentary deliverance. He wanted to create a permanent fix to hurt, heartache, sin and death. He wanted to address something beyond what man could do, something supernatural, something spiritual.
So often in our life we celebrate a God that we want to fix our problem, to become our temporary solution rather than be our permanent fix in our life. Finances and health are not an issue for God to deal with, but the heart issues in our life, anger, fear, doubt, He wants to create permanent healing. It is in those areas that He wants to be King.
This Palm Sunday we get to celebrate a King who is not just the healer of temporary fixes but we get to celebrate the true King of Kings and Lord of Lords who gets to reign for all eternity!
Celebrating with Family,
Pastors Matthew and Siobhan Oliver