Life is happening all around us and for many of us, it is happening at breakneck speed.  Jobs, school, family, opportunities–so much goes on that we often feel we don’t even have time for ourselves.  And as the holidays are approaching life only seems to speed up! Too much to do and not enough time!  When that happens, we can find ourselves making even less time to spend with Christ and less time celebrating as Family.  The enemy has a way of making the urgent a priority over the important.  Don’t allow that to happen to you this year.  Peace is found in Christ, refreshing is found in His embrace; in His presence, and life is found in community.  When we cut out spending time as Family, and spending time in the presence of God we literally cut out the very thing that encourages us and gives us strength, hope and grace to make it through the chaos.
I want to encourage you today, make Family a priority. Make spending time in the presence of God important and experience His love, His goodness and His greatness in your life today!
In Christ, Pastors Matthew & Siobhan Oliver