How do we take our walk with God to the next level? How do we press in deeper, go further and mature in Him and where He is wanting to take us? Many times it happens through trials, through battles, through friction. In our society today it is easy to just walk away when we face struggles, battles, or agitation. We can blame someone else, use someone else, rather than press in and press through. In the book of James, we are told to count it Joy when we face trials, because it produces Faith. Faith is part of the maturing process in Christ. We face something that we cannot do alone, we cannot handle alone, we cannot overcome alone, and therefore we need God, and our relationship with Him always requires Faith. You may be in the middle of a Faith season, that is good, Faith is the growing process, it is part of moving to the next level in Christ. Instead of getting frustrated, count it all Joy! Choose to experience Joy in this season and see God move in your life and see you grow in Him.
Counting you a Joy today,
Pastors Matthew & Siobhan Oliver