The lights are shining, the trees are up, the stockings are hung and Christmas is in full swing. With all the shopping and cooking and the family and friends it can be so easy to get distracted from the true meaning of Christmas, so sometimes we pull away from the festivities; yet I want to challenge you to find God in the seasonal fun. He is there as families come together and friends celebrate. He is there in the decorating of the houses and He is even found in the giving of gifts. And as surprising as it is, Christ is even found in the receiving of gifts. A big part of salvation is learning to receive. We have to receive the gift of Christ in our hearts, the free gift of salvation; and in receiving that gift we experience a transformation. This holiday, what gift are you receiving? What blessing are you allowing into your life? A gift of friendship, a gift of joy, a gift of Family… God is here and He is celebrated in this season, so this year receive His amazing gift!
In Christ,
Pastor Matthew & Siobhan Oliver