2014 is coming to an end. For many it was a year of highs and lows. A year of losses, goodbyes, changes, and a year of stepping into something new. The idea of “new” is scary to so many of us, because new represents the unknown—uncharted territory. As the old saying goes, “We fear what we do not know.” However, in Christ, we should have no fear! So we boldly stepped into the year of 2014, the year of “new”. As I look back now at 2014 I see new friends, new leaders and new Family. I see new ministries, new vision, new dreams and a new level of excitement of what God is doing. All of that “new” has set an amazing platform for 2015. I am excited for this coming year, I have an expectation of the fullness of Gods’s promises and I am looking to see His word fulfilled in my life, in the Family and in the community around us! I can say that 2014 was great but I am looking for 2015 to be even better!
Join with me as we welcome in the New Year with expectancy to see God glorified.
Excited for what’s to come,
Pastor Matthew & Siobhan Oliver