Welcome to a community that believes in you and longs to see you walk in the fullness of who God has called you to be. Welcome to more than just a service, more than just a sermon and more than just another Sunday morning. Welcome to an opportunity to be a part of something great; a community that will draw out your best and longs to see you walk in your dreams. The challenge of with community is the willingness to be stretched and the willingness to trust and believe the best. Community requires vulnerability; that place of transparency where we risk allowing others to speak into our lives and where we become real–with our fears, our insecurities and real with God.
Rich now is a chance to be a part of that community and a chance to experience that God. Don’t let that opportunity pass you by. We are blessed and honored that you are here and we cannot wait to see what God has in store for you!
Looking forward to all that God has for us,
Pastors Matthew & Siobhan Oliver