Welcome to Family,
Each and every one of us has an inward desire to connect with God and church should be the one place where we can. Not a place of judgment and guilt, but a place of love, a place of acceptance and a place of encounter. So often in life we make it so difficult to just meet with God, to talk to Him and allow Him to speak to us. We feel we have to be living right, doing right, being that ideal person that we think God wants us to be. But what God really wants, what He is really longing for, today, is just you. He doesn’t need you to do anything else but just meet with Him, just the way you are.
At Family, we want to create that opportunity for you. You do not have to do anything more than allow God’s love to pour over you, let His joy fill you and allow His goodness to renew you. Today is the day for that. Allow us to simply be your friends, or better yet, allow us to be your Family.
Inviting you into the Family,
Pastors Matthew and Siobhan Oliver