The idea of “new” always sounds better than the idea of “old.” I seldom meet people who like getting older, or would prefer to buy an older car. Most of the time we are all looking for new. We like new things, new ideas, new experiences, and we love a new year! The problem that many of us face is when our new year starts to look a lot like our old year.

In Isaiah, God declares that He is doing a “new thing.” God, who is the same forever, the same God from the Old Testament, is doing something NEW today. For a lot of us, church can feel old or the same. For many of us, our walk with God can become stale and stagnate, but if we really took the time to look, we would see that “new” is happening all around us. In Isaiah, the challenge for the people of God was to “see it.” To see the New. Just because it is a New year does not mean things are changing, or that it will be clearly evident in what we see. The challenge for us today is to SEE the new that God is doing and choose to partner with Him in that.

In Christ,
Pastors Matthew & Siobhan Oliver