Kids Connection

Our goal is for all of our kids experience a supernatural encounter with God, based on a solid foundation of biblical teaching. And the kids have a blast doing it!  Our kids are each growing in their relationships with God, experiencing His love and grace, and getting to know other awesome Christian kids!  Pastor Renee has a real heart to assist those with special needs and their parents to feel cared for, included, supported and successful in their goals. 

At Kids Connection, your kids will have the opportunity to play games and make new friends!  Come early so that they can get the most out of what God has for them!  Each week they will experience God’s Word through a variety of Bible lessons, worship, and hands-on activities.  Come, be a part of our Kids Connection Family!  Check-in begins 15 minutes prior to our services on Sundays.

Nursery : Newborn – 18 months

Toddler : 18 months – 3 years

Pre K & K : 4yrs, 5yrs and Kindergarten

Kids Church : 1st – 6th grade 

Volunteering with the Kids Connection

We are always looking to partner with solid Christians who have a passion to pour into the lives of children (who look forward to seeing their teachers every week).  Working with them is a not only an honor and a privilege, but a huge blessing!  All volunteers must fill out an application, be approved by church staff, and have a background check run.  If you would like to be a part of our Kids Connection team, please see Pastor Renee, or call the church office (916) 791-7555. 

Leader: Pastor Renee Gurnaby

Renee has a passion for all children to feel inclusively welcomed and cared for, including those with special needs.  Her desire is to create an exciting place for children to learn about, experience, and grow in their relationship with God, as well as with each other. Her mission is to teach children to love God and love others.  She has a way of teaching biblical foundation in fun ways that are also memorable for the kids.

Renee has a way of focusing on the details to make “church” a safe environment for transformational learning.  She is committed, not only to the children, but to partnering with parents so they can help their kids succeed.

Renee is married to David and they have four children.


“Limitless” is a place for Jr. & Sr. High teens to come together and discover who they are and how they can not only survive but thrive becoming the World Changers they were born to be. We believe that every individual was born with a “superpower” unique and destined for greatness and we know that when we come together as a family, honoring the different gifts and facets each person carries, we can bring the Kingdom of Heaven here on earth. Each week we will come together to have fun, experience God, and create community. We can’t wait to see you at “Limitless”!
Join us at “Limitless” Wednesday nights 7 pm to 8:30 pm.

Youth Leaders: Shannon and Michelle Carrier
Shannon and Michelle have a passion to see people come alive in their identity and destiny. They have served as youth pastors for over 14 years. They have a desire to see a generation come alive with hope and actually live a life where they fully discover their “super powers” and what it means to live without limits. Shannon and Michelle believe in living life to the fullest and are excited to be a part of the team at Family.

Shannon & Michelle have been married for 29 years. They love traveling, StandUpPaddleboarding, being outside, and spending time with their growing family!

Women’s Ministry

We are building community through our small group connections, and special events.  Our hope is to provide a safe place for women to gain confidence in who God says they are, to experience His love and power, and to get rooted in their understanding of the Word through meaningful connection.  Pastor Jaime serves alongside an amazing group of women’s leaders who are biblically well-grounded, experienced, and willing to share from the heart and be vulnerable.

Leader: Pastor Jaime Partlow

Pastor Jaime leads the Women’s Ministry with much corporate experience as a strong female leader equipped with knowledge, experience, and relentless curiosity.  Her heart is to guide, inspire, and motivate women to discover their passions, purpose, and to maximize their full potential.   

Jaime is licensed through The Family Church.  She is a credentialed coach and holds a graduate degree from Pepperdine University in Organizational Development. Jaime is married to Travis, and they have two sons.

Men’s Ministry

The Men’s Ministry gives opportunity for men to journey with a community of like-minded believers, with whom they can connect and encourage one another.   Men who fully understand their identity, unique strengths, gifting, and destiny in Jesus Christ, are better able to lead others and to shape the future of their home, business, and community. Join us on Wednesday mornings at 7 am as we discuss the sermon topic of the preceding Sunday morning. Led by Pastor Dennis Dohner.

Leader: Pastor Dennis Dohner

Dennis has served as the Senior Associate Pastor at The Family Church since 2013, where he oversees ministry leaders and is involved in the day-to-day pastoral care. He served 20 years as an itinerant minister traveling throughout the United Kingdom, Europe and Scandinavia, where he brought a message of Hope, Fearlessness, and Thanksgiving to churches all over the world. Dennis has trained and equipped ministry teams/leaders in 15 nations in how to make Inner Healing quick, easy, inexpensive, and easily reproducible.

Altar & First Responders Ministry

At Family Church, we believe that Supernatural living is “Normal Christianity.” So we pray and believe for healing, deliverance, and miracles.  At the conclusion of each church service, a team of prayed up, trained-up volunteers are available to pray, with great faith, for you and your needs. In the presence of the Holy Spirit, some feel led to receive Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior; Our Altar/First Responders serve as a first point of contact in helping direct them to “what now?” If you are interested in being a part, we are looking for solid Christians, with a passion to pray and encourage people, who are willing to commit to training and being a regular participant in our services.
Contact the church office (916) 971-7555.

Inner Healing Ministry

There is a “why” for everything you do. Our Inner Healing team members are trained volunteers who help you identify, through Spirit-led prayer, the roots of a challenge or recurring life pattern. God is a good Father, and His truth brings freedom where there has been bondage.  We are committed to making your Inner Healing appointment a safe environment for you. Many people report having experienced incredible freedom and peace from just one appointment!  We have daytime and evening times available. Donations are appreciated. To schedule an appointment, contact the church office (916) 791-7555.

Leader: Pastor Dixie Weyel

Dixie has been part of The Family Church since 2012.  She has a BA in Music, a MA in School Counseling, graduated Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry in 2012, the Welton Academy, and is licensed through The Family Church.  As the pastor and a team member of the Inner Healing Ministry, she has witnessed many people finding freedom and healing in their lives.  It has been a fulfillment of her lifelong desire to help others find the encouragement, hope, and healing of the heart wounds that happen to us all.

Dixie is married to Gene and has two children and two grandchildren.

Spirit Cafe

At The Family Church we believe that all the gifts of the spirit are still alive, relevant, and active for believers today.  Spirit Café is your opportunity to experience God’s Goodness through a “menu” of ministries.  The menu includes: Healing ministry, Prophetic ministry, Inner Healing ministry, and Dream Interpretation.  If you would like to know what God is saying to you today, or are just curious about the gifts of the Spirit and would like to experience them for yourself, Spirit Café is a wonderful opportunity to “taste and see that God is good.” There is no charge.

Second Sunday of each month, in the sanctuary.   Call the church for details (916)791-7555.

Leader: Pastor Nini Dow

A graduate of Family’s NIKAO School of Leadership in 2015, Nini is licensed through The Family, and has been an integral part of many ministries over her 10+ years at the Family Church. Her passions include encouraging others in their understanding of identity, and the ministries of Inner Healing, Prophecy, and Physical Healing.  

Nini has raised four kids, has five grandchildren, nine grand-dogs, and two horses. She likes keeping fit and being outdoors.

The Brew Ministry

The Brew offers coffee and complimentary donuts on a weekly basis before Sunday service. It is an important ministry to the church, not only to regular attenders, but also to visiting guests. There is more to The Brew ministry than a good cup of coffee. It is a great place to make people feel welcome and provide a way to feel more comfortable engaging others. There is something comforting about holding a cup of coffee or noshing on a donut while catching up with friends and meeting new people.

Leader: Zachary Price
Zachary has been a part of The Family Church since 2008. He started as a cashier at the Brew, learning the ropes, in 2010. After a four and a half year hiatus for college, he returned to run The Brew in 2019. Zachary has always seen The Brew as an opportunity to serve others. He has become a great Barista and enjoys providing this valuable service to Family regulars and our guests.

Communion Ministry

We take Communion because Jesus instructed us, on the eve of His death, how to be reconciled with God. (1 Corinthians 11:2-26) Jesus became the “Passover Lamb.” His body was broken for our healing, and His blood was shed for our forgiveness.
At The Family Church, anyone who believes in Jesus can participate in Communion. It is an opportunity for each of us to search our hearts, finding the places that need to be reconciled to Him.
We offer Communion each Sunday morning. Visit the table in the back of the sanctuary where we offer individual juice and a cracker for you to experience Communion individually, during worship. We also have times of Corporate Communion where we also offer wine and bread.

Leader: Ann Cheney
Ann has been with The Family Church since 2015, and has overseen Communion preparations for Sunday services since 2016. She is also involved with the In-Touch Group (a group of women who stay in touch with all the church members on a regular basis.)
Ann and her husband, Mike, moved to the area from Southern California in 2014 so they could be closer to their youngest son and his family. Ann and Mike have been married for 52 years and have 2 boys and 2 grandchildren.

Foyer Ministry

Foyer volunteers help the ushers make sure the foyer is set up for Sunday morning service. This includes readying the tables and chairs, the fountains, televisions, signs in place, and more. They also help with those in the foyer who may need ministry (prayer etc.) and help direct people to where they need to go. The Foyer Ministry pastor oversees any pastoral ministry needs in the foyer before, during and after service.

Leader: Tim Price
Tim attended Bethany Bible College, and graduated from River City School of Supernatural Ministry in 2011. Tim is a pastor who is also an introvert. He LOVES people and is always looking to give a friendly smile to anyone walking into the foyer. While he says he is not a “touchy feely” person, he has a heart to see people and listen to them, then pray for them right then and there. When he feels God speak to him about someone, he will contact them and let them know he is praying for them.
Tim has been married to Cyndi for 31 years. They have four adult children: Spencer, Zach, Raegan, and Halle.


When a visitor or member enters the doors of The Family Church, it is our desire that they feel at home with a warm and genuine word of welcome. Our Greeters provide a positive first impression for those visiting for the first time and a “glad to see you again” feeling for those who already consider The Family Church their home. Greeters set the tone for the experience many people have at the church and can make coming to a new church feel warm and personal.


You will see our Ushers helping in many ways. They are often to the first to arrive at the church and the last to leave. In addition to readying the building for service, they are the ones who assist attenders to their seat and helps accommodate those who have special needs or requirements. They are called on to assist with noisy babies as well as maintaining order and security of services.
Our ushers have a heart to serve, and do so with a smile.

Leader: Mike Cheney
Mike has been with The Family Church since 2015. In 2016, he started helping with the Ushering on Sunday mornings. In 2021, he was thrilled when he was asked to take on the leadership role and became the Lead Usher.
Mike and his wife, Ann, moved up to the area in 2014 from the Mojave Desert in Southern California so they could be closer to their youngest son and his family. They have been married for 52 years and have 2 boys and 2 grandchildren.