Service Times

Sundays at 9:30am

We love coming together to celebrate what God is doing, we love His Word, and we love the Holy Spirit. We believe in equipping the whole family, and create opportunities for people of various age groups to connect and grow together. We definitely believe that church does not start and end with a service, but should spill out into our Mondays and Tuesdays and impact all who are around us. We invite you to become a part of Family!

At The Family we believe that worship can be in many forms, and may be different for each individual. We support worship through singing, dancing, painting and so much more. We want you to feel comfortable connecting with God in the way that He has designed you. You can sit, stand, kneel, dance or just enjoy as the Holy Spirit speaks to your heart.

Our worship here at The Family offers a time and place for us all to come together in unity and praise God freely. Our team works hard to create an atmosphere where, even though we may be at different places in life, we can come together in unity to celebrate and praise God for His abundant goodness.