The Family Church is a body that believes in healing, miracles, and the right of each person to walk in the fullness of their dreams and destiny in Jesus Christ.  We are committed to healthy community, healing, and restoration for each person: Spirit, Soul and Body.  The Transformation Ministry offers many opportunities for you to live your most-abundant life through the following:

Altar Ministry

At Family Church, we believe that Supernatural living is “Normal Christianity.” So we pray and believe for healing, deliverance, and miracles.  At the conclusion of each church service, a team of prayed up, trained up volunteers are available to pray, with great faith, for you and your needs. 

If you are interested in joining us, we are looking for solid Christian with a passion to pray and encourage people, who are willing to commit to training and being a regular participant in our services.  Contact Pastor Jean Nylin or the church office (916) 971-7555.

Leader: Pastor Jean Nylin

Jean is a lover of God and passionate about praying for people.  A Christian for most of her life, Jean has seen many miraculous answers to prayer over the years.  She knows that “when we pray… something happens; and when we pray more… more happens.”  Since joining The Family in 1993, she has been very involved in various aspects of church life: from nursery worker to women’s ministry leader, girls’ ministry leader, children’s pastor, and choir.  Jean is licensed through The Family Church, has two daughters and four grandchildren.

Celebrate Recovery Ministry

Celebrate Recovery is a Christ-centered, 12-step recovery program for anyone struggling with hurt, pain, or addiction of any kind.  CR is a safe place to find community and freedom from the issues that are controlling our life.  We meet Wednesdays at 6pm.  We serve dinner, have a large group meeting with live worship, then separate into Men’s and Women’s Small Open Share Groups.  For more information, go the CR website:

Leaders: Pastor Kevin Setzer and Pastor Jan Scales

Pastor Kevin has been a member of The Family Church for 14 years and is licensed through The Family Church.  He graduated from the River City School of Ministry in 2011. In addition to co-leading CR, Pastor Kevin has served on the Altar team is the temporary leader of the Response ministry.  He is married to Melinda and is the father of seven children: four of which serve our Celebrate Recovery team. 

Healing Rooms Ministry

We believe in God’s healing power and have seen God heal many people who have visited our Healing Rooms. Trained ministry volunteers have faith for and will pray for your healing and better health. We know that when we pray, something happens; when we pray more, more happens. There is no charge for this service. Our Healing Rooms are currently a part of Spirit Café, the second Sunday of each month.  For questions, contact the church office (916) 791-7555.

Inner Healing Ministry

There is a “why” for everything you do. Our Inner Healing team members are trained volunteers who help you identify, through Spirit-led prayer, the roots of a challenge or recurring life pattern. God is a good Father, and His truth brings freedom where there has been bondage.  We are committed to making your Inner Healing appointment a safe environment for you. Many report incredible freedom and peace from just one appointment!  We have daytime and evening appointments, as well as Zoom appointments, available at no charge.  To schedule an appointment, contact the church office (916) 791-7555.

Leader: Pastor Dixie Weyel

Dixie has been part of The Family Church since 2012.  She has a BA in Music, a MA in School Counseling, graduated Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry in 2012, the Welton Academy, and is licensed through The Family Church.  As the pastor and a team member of the Inner Healing Ministry, she has witnessed many people finding freedom and healing in their lives.  It has been a fulfillment of her lifelong desire to help others find the encouragement, hope, and healing of the heart wounds that happen to us all.

Dixie is married to Gene and has two children and two grandchildren.

Intercessory Prayer

At The Family Church, we believe in the power of prayer; we know that when we pray, something happens; when we pray more, more happens.  You are welcome to submit your prayer request or to join us for Intercessory Prayer.  There are scheduled times where we go before the throne room of God, in unity, to both bless and war on behalf of our church body, the region, and those God has placed in authority over us. We also have our online ePrayer Team who pray, with great faith, for your needs.  If you would like prayer, contact the church office at (916) 791-7555.

Leader: Pastor Judy Anderson

Judy has been with the Family Church since 1982 and has a heart for this fellowship and for the community around her. She loves the testimonies of answered prayers – God is so good!  In addition to leading Intercessory Prayer, Judy is involved with the Women’s Ministry, Altar Ministry, Inner Healing Ministry, Home Groups, and the Fab 50s.  Her passions include praying for others, and sharing God’s goodness with those around her. She loves how the Bible gives us stories and principles on how to walk out abundant life, how to love on family and those around us, and how to represent Him in the workplace.


Judy is licensed through the Family Church.  She and her husband, Ed, are successful Real Estate Brokers in the region.  They have been married for 54 years and have four children, nine grandchildren, and two great-grandchildren.

Spirit Cafe

At The Family Church we believe that all the gifts of the spirit are still alive, relevant, and active for believers today.  Spirit Café is your opportunity to experience God’s Goodness through a “menu” of ministries.  The menu includes: Healing ministry, Prophetic ministry, Inner Healing ministry, and Dream Interpretation.  If you would like to know what God is saying to you today, or are just curious about the gifts of the Spirit and would like to experience them for yourself, Spirit Café is a wonderful opportunity to “taste and see that God is good.” There is no charge.

Second Sunday of each month, in the sanctuary.   Call the church for details (916)791-7555.

Leader: Pastor Nini Dow

A graduate of Family’s NIKAO School of Leadership in 2015, Nini is licensed through The Family Church, and has been an integral part of many ministries over her 10+ years at the Family Church. Her passions include encouraging others in their understanding of identity, and the ministries of Inner Healing, Prophecy, and Physical Healing.  

Nini has raised four kids, has five grandchildren, nine grand-dogs, and two horses. She likes keeping fit and being outdoors.

Pastoral Counceling

For those who have deeper or foundational wounding, there is one-on-one pastoral counseling available. This allows for building of healing and behavior momentum, coupled with new life skill development. Our pastoral counselors utilize a prayer-led Inner Healing model that focuses on revealing the root of errant belief systems and behaviors to bring lasting change.  Pastoral counseling allows line-upon-line, precept-upon-precept healing to occur.  Both daytime and evening appointments are available.  There is a suggested donation of $65 per session. To schedule an appointment, contact the church office at (916) 791-7555.

Leaders: Pastors Dennis and Kristine Dohner